Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to get a TIN Card

Getting your TIN Card is a breeze

First, you need to have a registered TIN under your name.

The BIR form that you need to use is the BIR Form 1905. Click on the link to view this form.

Have it printed so you can have a copy. Print it back to back.

Documentary attachments - None for first time applicants of TIN CARD. 

If you lost your TIN CARD you need to attach an AFFIDAVIT OF LOSS duly notarized. It usually cost around 50 to 100 pesos with a licensed Notary Public.

Where do you file this? You will file this with the BIR branch where your TIN is currently registered. So take of this:

Although any BIR branch can access your data file. They cannot process anything unless the TIN is under their jurisdiction. Meaning you cannot apply for a TIN Card in just any BIR Branch. It should be with the BIR Branch where your TIN is currently under. So if your in a location far from that BIR Branch, then you need to TRANSFER YOUR TIN to the BIR branch near your place of work or the BIR office where your current office is currently registered with. On how to transfer click here.

To know where or which BIR branch or Revenue District Office your TIN is registered. Just call the BIR Contact center at 981-8888 or email or call Taxpayer Information & Education Division 981-7000 local 7250 / 7251 / 7252.

Fill out the form. In Part II check the box "K" and write down on the box provided "TIN CARD". Remember to sign your name at the back portion of this form. No attachment is required.

Once you know where your BIR branch is. Submit this form and ask the officer of the day when you can get your card.

Some BIR offices can do it within the day. Depending on their workload of course.


  1. tnx a lot for the info. such a big help!

  2. Thank you appreciate the comment. Very glad to know the info has helped you out. Good day.

  3. hi, just want to ask, what if I am currently unemployed. I want to get TIN ID because I am going abroad to get a work. Would they allow me to get TIN ID without Employment certificate?

  4. What if I'm currently registered in RDO 39, but I need to transfer the registered address to RDO 41 because that's where I am going to work. Do I go to RDO 39 first to have my registered address changed to 41? And then after that I go to 41 to file for my TIN CARD?

  5. Can I apply for a TIN card on behalf of a friend? My friend won't be available to go to the BIR office anytime soon so I am planning to just get the TIN card for him.

  6. Ano po ung kailangan para sa pagkuha ng TIN id card? may TIN na po ko pero kailangan ko po ng TIN card requirements po sa pagkuha ng house.

  7. Hi! I would like to ask if there are other requirements to have the TIN card? I already have a TIN number processed by my previous company but I wasnt able to have the card. Now, I need the TIN card to have my last payment sana..

  8. Hi ask ko kung paano mag apply ng TIN? First time po. Unemployed. Tnx


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