Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to apply for a TIN for drivers license

You can apply for one TIN only
We can only have one TIN
If you already have a TIN then you don't need to go thru this. Remember we can only have One (1) TIN under our name. If you are not sure you have a TIN under your name then read on.
To know if you have a TIN under your name just call the BIR Contact Center (BIRCC) 981-8888 or call the Taxpayer Information & Education Division 981-7000 local 7250 / 7251 / 7252. They will ask for your full name and birthdate.

Use the BIR Form 1904. Documents you need to attached are a photo copy of your Birth Certificate and Barangay Clearance or NBI Clearance.

Where to file? You need to file this with the BIR branch which has jurisdiction over your barangay.

You can get this info thru the BIR Contact Center. Or you can search for it here. This has a list of barangays under each BIR Revenue District Office.

Once you know which BIR Branch or Revenue District Office your barangay is under then you can submit your application for TIN. 

Ask the BIR personnel when you can get your number. It usually can be done within the day depending on the work load of that office.

Remember we can only have one TIN under our name. That TIN can be updated to an Employee TIN or Business TIN. When the time comes when you find a job or employer or decide to open up a business. You can use this TIN.

It will updated to the category or type you decide go, whether as an EMPLOYEE or SINGLE PROPRIETOR or SELF-EMPLOYED.

Notice that there maybe some BIR offices whose personnel do not know that the memo signed by previous CIR and previous LTO Chief is no longer honored by LTO people as they have a newly installed LTO Chief.

Just remind the BIR personnel that policy of LTO is again requiring for a TIN. Please see this LTO webpage to view their mandated requirements which includes the TIN. Click here.

Drive Safely


  1. Thank you for this post.

  2. Hello, do I need to file an additional requirement/form if I will upgrade from a 1904 issued tin to a 1902?

  3. Is 1904 the valid form if I need to transact with pag-ibig and philhealth?

  4. Hi.. your post is very helpful.
    but in my case, they require me to ereg for registration. I dont know how, but ereg system is for self-employed and employed only. And if i try to enroll in EO98 they require autorized agent.. hope you can help. Thank you


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