Thursday, September 22, 2011

TIN for Employment

If you already have a TIN you don't need to go thru this
process. If you haven't this post is for you. For a
Slide presentation on this click here
If you are an individual wanting to apply for a TIN for the purpose of employment the form you will be filling out will be the BIR Form 1902.

Follow or click on the 1902 link and download the file. There is a portion in that form where your employer needs to fill-out and must be signed by its authorized representative.

The documentary requirement or attachment for this form is a xerox copy of your birth certificate.

WHERE TO SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION: You can submit this to the BIR Revenue District office where your employer is currently registered or where they are filing their taxes.

REMEMBER: You cannot submit this to any other BIR offices. Only with the BIR Branch or Revenue District Office (RDO) where your employer's TIN is registered or the RDO/BIR Branch that handles the business address of your employer.

If your employer is located in Pasig there is a BIR Revenue District office located in that area, whether your employer is located in other areas the BIR has an office who has jurisdiction over such area. Thats where you need to submit this application.

TO KNOW WHICH BIR BRANCH YOUR TIN IS REGISTERED: You can check it with the BIR Contact center at 981-8888 or Taxpayer Information & Education Division 981-7000 local 7250 / 7251 / 7252 or email, just make sure you provide your full name, and birthdate.

Make sure you to ask the personnel facilitating your application on when you can get your TIN or who you can call to verify the TIN that will be issued to you.

Should you have any problems you can email or the email in this blog.

For people who need a TIN for opening an account, applying for a drivers license, or any particular government transaction. You can use the BIR Form 1904. For more details on this, you can go to article on it here.

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