Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RDO 46 Cainta-Taytay Map Location

View BIR RDO 46 Cainta-Taytay in a larger map.  Hover your mouse on the 
Satellite map above. Click and Hold the left button of your mouse  and drag for a better view. You can use 
the "+" or the "-" on the top left of this map to zoom in and out. On the top Right portion click "Map" to 
get an alternative Map View

For a static map read on.

The New Municipal Hall of Taytay. The RDO 46 is beside this
From Point A the old address of RDO 46 has relocated to
Point B beside the New Municipal Hall of Taytay. It is
approximately 1.2 kilometers away from its old address.

Their contact numbers are 286-3789 tel/fax & 286-4130.

To know their Area of Jurisdiction click the link.

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