Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Correct Your Name & Birth Registration with BIR

Correction of data in your registration will run
thru a full circle once you follow these steps

For those of you who have problems with the registration of your name and birth date with BIR.  This post is for you. So read on.
Use BIR Form 1905 for this process. Click here to get a view of this form. So as we go along you can check which part of the form I am referring to. 

So have this printed.  Or you can read the instruction below and proceed to your RDO just be sure to bring a copy of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Your RDO has available 1905 forms. 

Fill out  PART I of this form with your TIN number and correct Name in the provided portion of the BIR Form 1905.

The RDO Code refers to the BIR branch where your TIN is currently under. This is where your will file this 1905 application form.  No, you can't file it with just any other BIR office. So do understand this point.

If you do not know where your RDO (Revenue District Office) is and its code number. Just call TIN Verification Office of BIR 926-8339 or the BIR Contact Center 981-8888 or you can EMAIL them at contact_us@cctr.bir.gov.ph.  Give them your name, birthdate or just your TIN number.

In Part II of this form check box "K" and write in the provided box space "Correction of NAME and BIRTHDATE".

Then go to the backside of this form or the second page and go to "4G" - CHANGE IN REGISTERED NAME.

In that portion of the form check box "Registered Name". Then write your CORRECT NAME in "NEW" and your INCORRECT NAME in "OLD".  This will inform the BIR personnel to update and correct your registered name to the NEW name.

To correct the BIRTHDATE. Go to "4K" - "OTHER CHANGES". Specify or provide the details of the changes. Write down on the provided box to specify the correction of your BIRTHDATE. 

Write down "CORRECTION OF BIRTHDATE -specify the correct birthdate according to your BIRTH CERTIFICATE."

So once all of this has been done. You may now go to your RDO just make sure you have a copies of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE as this is the required attachment to your 1905 application form.

Thats it. Hope this information will help you out. Good day. 


  1. Your posts are very informative. We should have more professionals like you in government who blogs so our citizenry are informed more.

  2. Thank you BlogusVox. Nice to know that the information has helped you out. I would appreciate also if you can share this in your social sites that you are in like Facebook or Twitter so that it may help out others.

    Again Thank you and good day.

    1. how will i know if my old name was already change?

  3. Thanks so much for the wealth of the resource! got exactly what i was looking, big help!@bose
    Wage Verification Form

  4. How long will it take to correct it? 5 days?

  5. Within the day depending on the work load of a particular RDO really.

  6. after correcting the registered name, will i be able to get my TIN card/id as well?

  7. After the process, will I get a new TIN Card with my corrected birthdate? Thanks!

  8. I have this problem too, including my address. The spelling was wrong. You have any idea how to correct it too? Please spare me some :)

  9. Does your birth certificate need to be authenticated by the DFA if you were born abroad???

  10. how will i know if my old name was already change?

  11. Is thîs applicable for name change due to marriage?

  12. Hi. I am currently having the same problem with a client whose middle name is still under her maiden name. As this concerns a married woman, I brought with me a colored photocopy of the married contract and her passport as well. However, I am being required to produce her original Certificate of Registration. This actually their (the BIRs) error but I have no choice but to comply. It doesn't make sense since the TIN does refer to the same person and she is already tagged as married in the BIRs static (online) data. For those asking how will they know if their name has already been changed, you need to have 2 copies of the BIR form 1905, one will be stamped received or updated by the BIR which serves as proof that you have applied for the correction and the same has been submitted to the RDO where you are registered.


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