Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to update TINs acquired thru 1904 to Employed status

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TINs acquired thru BIR Form 1904 most often used when one needs to transact with a government agency or perhaps a banking institution who usually requires a TIN.

People who got their TINs thru this form most often are students, housewives,  religious minister, pastors or priest, foreigners,  who applies for a drivers license. The LTO requires a TIN for this transaction.

Now for people who acquired their TINs thru this are usually registered with the Revenue District Office (RDO) or BIR branch who has jurisdiction over the barangay where the address of the person who acquired the TIN is located.

Now comes the time when that person has found a regular job or work with a company whose address may not be under the same RDO. You will be required by your employer to transfer your TIN registration to the RDO where they file their taxes or their BIR branch.

Take note our TINs are under a particular BIR Branch or RDO. If the RDO of your employer is not the same as yours. You will need to transfer this to the RDO of your new EMPLOYER. 

Most often EMPLOYERs would require you to transfer your TIN to their BIR branch or RDO.

Now if your RDO is the SAME as your EMPLOYER then you don't need to this part.

On the other hand if your RDO differs with your EMPLOYER you need to transfer your TIN first using BIR Form 1905. On how to do this see this post by clicking this: "Transferring Your TIN"

Once your TIN is transferred then you can now update your TIN using BIR Form 1902.

Be sure to write your TIN number in the said form so that your application will not be mistaken as a new application for TIN.  One can be penalize for having more than one TIN. So do take note of tha.

Fill all the required information that is applicable to you. Now on the EMPLOYER INFORMATION part. It should be your EMPLOYER or their authorized representative who should fill that portion.

Once thats done, you can now submit that form to your BIR branch or RDO for processing. Do make two or three copies so you can retain one for your file that you may need as a record for future use.

Your TIN will now be updated from a ONE TIME TIN (Acquired thru BIR Form 1904) to a regular TIN for EMPLOYEEs. Thats it. Hope this information helps you out.

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