Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Rules on Issuance of TIN Cards

BIR Deputy Commissioner Nelson Aspe said employees who have beeen issued a TIN through their employer via the BIR’s eRegistration System can now secure a TIN card.

All registered employers, whether belonging to the large taxpayers and non-large taxpayers group, who have secured TIN in behalf of their employees can claim TIN cards with the BIR Revenue District Office (RDO) having jurisdiction over the employer’s business address.

Employers can claim TIN cards by printing the eReg confirmation page and BIR Form 1902 Registration Application for Employees and submit this with the applicable attachments such as the birth certificate or marriage contract to the BIR district office where the employer is registered. 

The requirement is a written request for issuance of TIN card for their employees with the list of newly registered employees in batches of 20 citing their full names, birthdate, address and date of registration or date of TIN issuance. 

Employers belonging to the Large Taxpayers group should forward their request for TIN cards to the revenue district office having jurisdiction over the employer’s business address instead of the Large Taxpayers District Offices (LTDOs) with which they are registered.

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