Friday, October 15, 2010

How do know for sure if you have a TIN or not?

How do you know for sure if you have a TIN
Taken from the movie "TANGLED"

The best thing for you to do is to call the BIR Contact center at 981-8888 or email or call Taxpayer Information & Education Division 981-7000 local 7250 / 7251 / 7252.  They will ask your full name and your birth date.  Do ask also which RDO or BIR branch where your TIN is currently registered.  RDO stands for Revenue District Office of the BIR.  These RDOs have areas that are under their jurisdiction.  So if your TIN is registered in RDO 40 – Cubao or RDO 45 – Marikina.
Do take note that the office of RDO 40 is not actually located in Cubao. Rather it is just the RDOs area of jurisdiction which not only includes that area but also part of Libis, Project 4 etc. Listed in the BIR Website. Anyway, for the location of your RDOs. On the left side of this blog provides a link to the BIR directory which includes location of your RDO.

So once you know where your TIN is currently registered.  This the RDO where you will can file updates that you may need to do in the future.  Again you cannot file any updates or request for transfer with any RDO. As of now it is only with the RDO where your TIN is currently registered.


  1. my middle name with my tin is incorrect what should i do... and i have no idea why my rdo is in batangas since i live in qc and never worked in batangas.... pls advice... thank you

    ding blanco

  2. Hello po, kung sa makati po naka register ang TIN number ko malalaman ko ba kung meron ba talaga ako? Kasi sa previous employer ko po sabi nila sa makakati tapos taga davao po ako.
    Tapos pag punta ko po ng BIR dito sa davao po sabi nila wala pa daw ako TIN number. Please help!!


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