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How to transfer my TIN registered in the province?

Let me share the case presented by Mark posted in my other blog his comment on my article:

This process is too much hassle. In my case, my TIN was registered to RDO 57 which is in Binan, Laguna because my first company. Since I lived in Metro Manila, I went to the nearest BIR Office as expected they can’t process your TIN Card and RDO Update. They asked me to go to Binan, Laguna to get one. I read cases like this in other forums which someone lives in Visayas but his RDO is somewhere in Luzon. I hope with the new BIR head Joel Tan address this case. Kawawa naman yung nakatira sa malayo. It’s acceptable if the RDO is within Metro Manila but it it’s located in different province, it’s hard.
Yung perang ikakain mo sana, nauwi lang sa pamasahe at nasayang pa oras mo.
Posted by Mark at November 23, 2009, 7:02 pm

This was my answer to him:

Thank you for airing us your concerns. It is indeed problematic if your TIN is registered in another province. This is why we try to inform as many people about this so they can take steps in transferring their to the nearest BIR RDO where they plan to work. But there is a another solution for this. You can actually FAX your application form 1905 for transferring your TIN to the BIR RDO which has jurisdiction over the area where you are currently working. So after your TIN is transferred to the BIR RDO near your place of work you then request for a TIN card with that office. Using also the BIR Form 1905.
The number of TSS unit in RDO 57 is 511-9010 you can call them up to assist you with your request for transferring your TIN. So before faxing to them your 1905 call them first ask the person who will assist you. Here’s their fax numbers are (02) 5208262 local line for Manila residents and (049 )511-9797. Again after faxing call them up again to know if they receive your fax. You may want also to ask when they can transfer your TIN. So when this is done. You can go to the BIR RDO office where you requested your TIN to be transferred and apply for TIN Card. Hope this would help. Thank you and good day.
Posted by birtaxinfo at November 24, 2009, 12:54 pm

Ok, to add a little more on this. The BIR has issued a Revenue Regulation 5-2010 regarding an option for Taxpayers whose TIN are still with their RDOs in the province. You can fax your application for transfer with that RDO. 

Yes, you can fax your application for transfer using BIR form 1905. Fax this form back to back of course. The back side is where you place your signature. So it is important to fax also this side.

To check the RDO code of your home RDO or the RDO where your TIN is currently registered please call BIR Contact center at 981-8888 or email or call Taxpayer Information & Education Division 981-7000 local 7250 / 7251 / 7252, just make sure you provide your full name, and birthdate. Asked for the RDO number or code where your TIN is currently registered.

On where to fax this. There is a BIR Revenue District Office (RDO) directory link on the right side of this blog. 

Contact the Registration Section of the concerned RDO or the Taxpayer Service Section (TSS) and inform them of your intention to fax your application for transfer and ask for their fax number.

I hope this article will help you out. (",) Or try this other post on transferring your TIN to another RDO or BIR branch.


  1. Hi, in relation to this case. i would like to ask... my current employer is registered to Cagayan. but we are in their manila office. so do we need to submit form 1905 to Cagayan thru the employer? If yes, if incase we want to request for TIN ID, we need to go to Cagayan for this request? Thanks.

  2. Thank you for your quick response.
    But with this, though the company's operations is in manila, our registered address is in Sta.Ana Cagayan because we are holding a CEZA license. so right now, we are paying all our taxes thru BIR RDO 013.

    1. Hi Anonymous, if you are working in Cagayan and yet your office holds the Head office in Manila.

      Since you are actually working in their branch office conducting their operation in Cagayan.

      Then you can transfer your TIN to the BIR in said area so you can request for TIN card in the BIR branch that handles Cagayan.

      You can fax your application for transfer if your TIN is registered in BIR Manila. Since you did not specify your RDO or Revenue District Office. Here's a link to the RDO directory:

      Heres also a post on Transferring ones TIN:

  3. Hi! I hope this blog is still active. I have the same scenario and I am so stress these past few days. I already tried different options. I already contacted my previous employer to ask for a help but they told me that I should be the one to process the transfer of my RDO. I already coordinated to BIR Manila and gladly there's someone assisted me. She told me that she can transfer my records through e-mail transactions, So I scanned my BIR form and submitted it to her. And after she will coordinate to BIR Cebu and I will wait for 5 working days to know and to check if my records are already transferred. Now the only thing that I am worried about is how can I have the other copy which have a receipt stamp because the new employer that I will be working to required to submit it. So, I called the BIR Cebu this morning and I am about to send them the 1905 form thru fax but then all fax available here in my place does not offer long distance services. So I got an idea that how about to send it through LBC but then I've been trying to call them again no one is answering my call. So in this case can you give me another way to help me out in processing my RDO transfer. Any person that I can contact or other number that surely attend my call.

    By the way, Here's the number that I am trying to contact 032-2316065. And my RDO details are old RDO 081 in
    Cebu and to be transferred RDO 025B in Bulacan.

    So I am looking forward that there is someone here that can help me.

    Thanks, :)

    1. Another thing Jeischel,

      A stamped 1905 is applicable is the RDO is within your area. But if its in the province fax and email is our likely options which may not be covered with a stamp.

      But your office can verify this if your TIN is with RDO 25. You can call 981-8888 BIR Contact Center or 981-7000 local 7250 / 7251 / 7252 / 7247.

      The BIR personnel are not allowed to divulged TIN numbers so ask only for confirmation on what RDO your TIN is currently under.

  4. Hi Jeischel,

    Do you mean to say that the RDO in Manila who you said assisted you wasn't able to transmit your request to Cebu?

    You said "So I scanned my BIR form and submitted it to her. And after she will coordinate to BIR Cebu and I will wait for 5 working days to know and to check if my records are already transferred"

    If you've done this. Then you can check with BIRCC 981-8888 to know if your RDO code is already with RDO 25B. Or you may call 981-7000 local 7250 / 7251 / 7252. To check your RDO.

    If its with RDO 25 then request for a TIN Card. Using form 1905. Have an extra copy so you can give to your employer.

    Should you have any other concerns just post it here. Good day.

  5. i would like to comment on this sb niyo po there is a way para hnd na magpunta sa malalayong lugar in my case im working in manila and live here for 24years now pero nakaregister ako sa tugegarao district bcoz of my previous employer ive been calling the RDO 13 for two months now and walang sumasagot sa no's nila even lbc anong ggwn namen nun?my new employer required me to have a 1905 stanmped by the rdo 13 hnd po ako makapagstart ng work because of this 1905

  6. I can't contact ROD 50 which is South Makati for I like to transfer my tin to RDO 83. Can I just fax my 1905 form and just wait for my address to be changed?

  7. Hi inline with this concern. Im asking a mobile number of rdo 081 aside from their landline number. Last wik i fax my1905 requesting my rdo adres from 081 to 077. Since i dont have my personal landline and fax machine i paid for the fax at nsocana. It was sucesfuly sent the document bt ill never talk the incharge if how long it took to change the address. I cant contact through landline im asking for mobile number. Thank you. Hoping for quick response

  8. not sure if this blog is still active, anyway here’s my situation. My TIN was applied at RDO 43A East Pasig and the address written in the card is Sorsogon City. Now I have some business in Sorsogon so I was asked to transfer my TIN. Using the form 1905 under 4E section, what will I write to “New Registered Address” where it says to my card my address is already in Sorsogon City.

  9. Good morning..i hope this blog is still applying for a housing loan and i just got married last September 2016 and my tin id is currently single..the bank that im aplying want me to update my tin info and change my status..i registered in RDO iloilo but i am now living in cebu..i am currently unemployed but last year my friend use my name and tin to open a was appove and was in opparation for about a year but now it was already, where should i process my update in status? Thank you and have a nice day..i hope you can help me..

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  11. Hi I have a question I was supposed to update my rdo. I filled out form 1905 but I forgot to put in the address of my new rdo and I checked the box change in tax type instead of the change in registered address. Do you think it will be approved?


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