Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Problem with going AWOL

Avoid future problem of going AWOL. File your letter of resignation.
Remember you need that 2316 Certificate as proof of your tax payments.
Which is likely required by your new employer.
If you went AWOL, now that won't look good with your new employer or any employer for that matter. And your now in a dilemma as your new employer would require you to submit this 2316. This has been ask to me so many times. The problem arises when you pointed out in your interview that you were employed before and naturally you would also be asked how long you were with your previous employer.

That's the cue of an employer to ask you this 2316 once he or she decides to give you a go to join their company.

Problem is you went AWOL. So how can you get your 2316? Some would think that they can get it with the BIR branch where their previous employer files their taxes. That impression is incorrect.
Your employer is the one REQUIRED to attest on the contents of the said 2316 Certificate not the BIR. That is why EMPLOYER's are the one's who would likely issue this to a departing employee.
So here comes the hard reality that you will need to go back to your previous employer to request for this. Good if you can come up with a valid reason for your action to leave without informing them. 

Then again if not they may issue you this 2316 with a notation of your inexcusable action. Or they may require you to submit a letter of request for this and ask you the reason why you went AWOL.

Thats a reality that one would have to face. Now if I were in your shoes I would put it in writing on my humble admission to that indiscretion and formally apologize to the company for that matter and also inform them to accept that on the specific date of my absence as the formal date of my resignation. To which I will also indicate in that letter my request for that 2316 certificate.

I may site some personal reasons that I was not wise enough to immediately inform them of my intention to resign. That due to a number of concerns that I could not resolve at that point, I lost track of time as well as my responsibility to inform my office of my indecision. Like what happened to a friend of mine also. 

Whatever misgivings I have with that company, whether or not they were good to me or not.  I would still humbly extend my thanks and appreciation to them for the opportunity or work they gave me which I would indicate in my letter. 

Learning how to be a good professional even if the odds are against you is not that easy. But you can do it. Develop that attitude for no one will do it for you. In the end, you will hopefully learn how to respond calmly or wisely in times adversity.

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