Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Problem with wrong TIN so what will happen to my taxes?

Heres a concern regarding transfer of TIN:

hi, i have a question, but first let me share my experience. I have a new employer and ask me to transfer my tin since its from different RDO. yesterday i went to BIR quezon ave. but the guard told me to file 1905 to my previous RDO w/c is Manila ( my previous employer for 5 yrs is in Malate) kahit malayo at matrapik no choice, i went to BIR Manila, when im in BIR Manila the officer ask my Name since i forgot my TIN number, and told me that my TIN registered in Pasay (first employer ko kcPasay). 
Naloka ako, ibig sabihin hindi hinuhulugan ng company ko ang TIN ko? eh ano yung binabawas sa sweldo? Nagmamadali ko pumunta Pasay BIR kc hapon baka sakali makahabol, nung nasa taxi ako nakita ko SSS ID ko may nakalagay TIN number ko na magkaiba sa TIN number na binigay ng taga BIR.
Pinabalik ko ang taxi sa BIR Manila at pinakita ko yung SSS ID ko na may TIN number, nung vinerify nila yung TIN number sa SSS ID ko iba daw may ari ng TIN medyo magkalapit lang pangalan namin. For many years hindi pala sakin yung TIN na ginagamit ko?
Hindi ko alam kung ano gagawin ko. sa Monday na ako pinapareport sa new employer ko at di ko pa natapos requirements ko at di ko alam pano ko aasikasuhin..Please help me what to do and enlighten me to this issue.
Thank you so much.
Posted by Drew at March 5, 2011, 12:02 pm

Hi Drew,

Our TIN registration doesn't follow us when we transfer from one job to another. Especially if that job is in another place not under our original home Revenue District Office where we first got our TIN.

I am sorry to hear that you had to go from one RDO to another only to find out that its with another BIR branch office. We can easily verify where our TIN is currently registered just by calling the BIR TIN Verification Office at 926-8339 or the BIR Contact center at 981-8888. As well as what exactly is our TIN number registered under our name.

You can actually fax your BIR Form 1905 application for transfer. Just fax the 1905 back to back of course with your signature affix on the back portion of this form. 

You should fax this with the RDO where your TIN is currently registered. When you know where is exactly you can call check out their contact numbers here.

Contact the Registration Section of your RDO. And ask for their fax number so you can fax them your 1905.

Do read my article regarding things you should know about your TIN.


  1. same thing here drew :( just knew na iba pala ung TIN number ko today. hays. so what happened sa mga taxes na nakakaltas satin? anung sabi sayo? -- lan

  2. For your information under the Substituted Filing Policy of the BIR. EMPLOYERs are REQUIRED to withheld TAXES from their EMPLOYEEs whether they have a TIN number or not. Your Employer is likewise required to remit to BIR all the taxes they withheld from their employees on a monthly basis. All taxes withheld by our employers are remitted to the BIR.

    This is part of an article follow the link below to get the full info you may need:



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