Friday, March 25, 2011

How can I request for a TIN Card under my married name?

This is the message sent by Kelly in my other blog The Message Box on the blog was designed for short messages. The concern on Kelly would take quite a few lines that may not be suited for that box.

kelly: hello and good day to you sir! I have an old TIN card and it still has my last name nung dalaga pa po ako. Now i am in the process of transferring the rdo to another rdo. Ask ko lang po if i can request for a new TIN card (i understand i need to surrender the old one) to the BIR branch that will have my TIN to be registered at that RDO? Para po sana isang lakaran na lang.. thanks!

Hi Kelly, sorry to redirect you to this site. As I think your concern can also help other readers of this site. I regret to say that the things you wish to do would take several steps. Hindi po kaya ang isang lakaran lang.

You didn't mention which RDO your TIN is currently located so lets just say this RDO and the RDO you wish to transfer your TIN is in another far area.

For example, your home RDO or your current RDO where your TIN is registered is the BIR branch that handles Cubao which is known to be RDO No. 40. And the RDO which you wish to transfer your TIN is in San Pablo City which is RDO No. 55. This is where your are currently residing and working. Again this is only an example.

The distance between the two district offices is quite far. It should be noted that any application for update or transfer can only be submitted with your home RDO or the RDO where your TIN is currently registered. Which is in RDO No. 40 handling Cubao area.

In this case, it would be more convenient to transfer first your TIN to San Pablo RDO. So you when its transferred to that district. It would be much easier for you to go that RDO in San Pablo since your within that area.

Use BIR Form 1905, to transfer your TIN. Once your TIN is transferred to the New RDO. In our example, this is the RDO 54 - San Pablo. It takes around 3 days most probably.

Once your TIN is with RDO 54 then you can go that RDO to apply to update your name to your married name. Using BIR Form 2305.

You will attached a copy of your marriage certificate and you may need to let your employer sign in the employer information portion of that form.

Once the RDO has updated your TIN information. Then you can apply now for a TIN card under your married name. Again using BIR For 1905.

Should you have any other concerns feel free to comment. Thank you and good day.

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