Monday, August 18, 2014

BIR Coming Soon in Facebook & Twitter


Thank you to those who still frequent this site. Although it has been dormant for quite some time, due to a lot of concerns that I will not discuss here. I would just like to post news that no news site have come across yet, I think.
Well, the title tells it all. Why now? Well, why not. As we all know there are a lot of people whose creating BIR facebook pages which is not actually an official site of the Bureau. And unfortunately, some even think that those are legit sites.

So netizens can take who happen to get wind of this news please kindly share to your circle if it may not be that important to you. Some of your circle of friends may find it helpful in their quests for information with regards to the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

We all have to deal with this agency one way or another, whether we are an employee, business owner, and corporation or even if you are a student wanting to get a driver’s license. Simply because you need a TIN for this transaction. In that note you might want to check this article here.

Anyway, I came about this news through the owner of this blogsite And I actually came across an article that confirms this in a philstar web click here.

You may want to add this site with regards to information regarding taxes or the BIR

Of course please don’t forget the BIR’s official website whose just shed its outdated web design for a new one. 

Finally, it has a “SEARCH” option. Again, that nagging question “Why only now naman?”.

Well, can  we just thank the person or persons who put that there? Lets hope for the better.

Can we ask for your comments of the BIR’s new website design? Especially with navigating the said site.

Or post it here at this facebook page which also has some tax updates that may help you in some way.

No, I don’t own this facebook page. But I hope it will help you out in your quest for information.

My apologies to those who are posting comments which I could not answer due to my inability to regularly maintain this site.

But I will try to update this site as best as I can.

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