Monday, December 19, 2011

Loss of Property and Life brought by Typhoon Sendong

An unidentified father cries as he carries the body of his child, who was
among hundreds killed by Typhoon Wasi, locally known as Sendong,
in Cagayan de Oro southern Philippines December 17, 2011. Rescuers
searched for more than 100 people still missing in the southern Philippines
on Sunday after flash floods and landslides swept houses into rivers and out
to sea, killing almost 500 people in areas ill-prepared to cope with deadly
storms. Picture taken December 17, 2011.

Of all the images I've looked into on this most tragic devastation that came upon my hometown Cagayan de Oro City.  I cannot help but feel the pain and utter sadness in my heart to see a father holding the lifeless body of his child in his arms.

Losing ones home and every belonging is surely very unfortunate but to lose  love ones is just simply tragic and unbearable.

If we could have only been more vigilant when this type of weather comes to our vicinity. We could save many lives. We have been fairly warned many times over by disasters that came upon many parts of our country, but we usually would never think that our place would be subjected to the same intensity as others have gone through.

We should never be complacent to things happening around us. In our time, extreme weather anomalies is happening and will continue. We need to be wary if we are living near water ways. Especially if we have kids who depend upon our better judgement in times like this.

Take the immediate initiative to evacuate immediately even when the waters are still low rather than wait for it to rise were you have no longer any option to leave.

Local officials should prepare evacuation sites within 24 hours before typhoons hit land. Every barangay should inform their people to evacuate to higher ground sooner not later.

Every home should have large plastic bags to place their clothes and seal it properly to protect it from muddy waters.

It makes sense to have large drums or water containers to store water. Especially, in the aftermath.

We should always remember the price that was paid for this tragic lesson.

For our sake and the lives of our love ones we should always be prepared to do what needs to be done.

To people who have lost not only their homes but love ones please accept our most heartfelt sympathies and prayers.

The magnitude of this disaster is simply tragic.

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