Friday, August 5, 2011

Tax Agency warns Taxpayers: “Beware of BIR Impostors”

Huwag padaya sa mga IMPOSTOR
Quezon City, 04 August 2011 - The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) today warned taxpayers, as well as the general public, of the modus operandi of some unscrupulous persons posing as BIR revenue officers.

The warning came amidst some reports that have reached the tax agency through the Office of the Deputy Commissioner - Operations Group stating that some “revenue officers” are threatening legitimate business establishments to cough-up their hard-earned money; otherwise, they will be subjected to surveillance or monitoring operations “by the BIR.”
One of the reports from a taxpayer included a document alleged to have been signed and issued by a BIR Official of Revenue Region No. 7, Quezon City that requested the taxpayer to allow “Revenue Officers” Rogelio A. Camu, Patricio B. Ramos and Ernesto C. Marasigan “to conduct monitoring activities of (your) daily transaction (sic) for the (sic) period of 15 days.”
Upon verification by the taxpayer, the document turned out to be bogus. The alleged signatory said he never issued the document. It was also found out that the abovementioned “revenue officers” were in fact impostors representing themselves as if they were BIR employees by showing fake BIR Identification Cards.
Deputy Commissioner Nelson M. Aspe has asked taxpayers to be vigilant saying that taxpayers should report similar incidents to the BIR immediately by calling BIR Taxpayer Information and Education Division (TIED) Hotlines 9243245 or 9263866.
He further advised that when confronted with a similar modus, the taxpayer must ask for the presentation of (BIR) Identification Cards, photocopy documents presented, take a picture of or focus CCTV on the persons involved where possible, and dial the abovementioned hotlines to verify the veracity of the representations.
When certain that the whole thing is a scam, call for assistance from concerned Barangay Officials. In this instance, a “citizen’s arrest” can be made for the offense of “Usurpation of Official Functions” which is punishable under the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines.
          In June 13, 2011, a certain Francisco Ortiz y Nicolas was collared with the help of Barangay Officials of Brgy. 452, Sampaloc, Manila for extorting money from a businessman who had the presence of mind to call the BIR when he was presented a fake BIR identification card and a spurious mission order. Ortiz is currently out on bail, but still facing trial for the offense of attempted extortion and usurpation of official functions. 

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