Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Register a Business as Professional / Self Employed

For Doctors or professions regulated by PRC
or not like bloggers, writers, actors, actress etc.
First, the BIR Form you will need is BIR Form 1901 & page 2 of this form (click this link so you can get a good look of this form). In the Part 1 portion of this form. Check the box on “PROFESSIONAL”.  As you can see this form is also used for “SINGLE PROPRIETORSHIP” ; “ESTATE” & “TRUST”. We will not go into those yet but focus on the  ”PROFESSIONAL” category.

Now the documentary requirements for this application or the needed attachments are as follows:
1) Photocopy of your PRC ID or IBP ID (for lawyers);
2) Photocopy of Payment of Professional Tax Receipts (PTR) from your local Municipality (for QC at the Quezon City Hall look for the information desk to help you out);  
3) Simplified books of Accounts for Professional (You can get this in the National Bookstore. One each, a 14 Column Columnar Book, Ledger, & Journal Book)
4) Photocopy of your Birth Certificate if single or Marriage Contract if married; include Birth Certificate of qualified dependent child.

Illustrators or artist although not regulated
by the PRC are Professionals earning income
from their talent or profession.
 Once you have these documents you can now go to the BIR RDO where your TIN is currently registered. 
If you are not sure where this is please contact  BIR TIN Verification Office at 926-8339 or the BIR Contact center at 981-8888 or email, just make sure you provide your full name, and birthdate.  Asked where your TIN is registered or what Revenue District Office (RDO) and the address.
I made a couple of locational maps for some BIR offices. Its not complete yet but it may help you if you are in these locations click this link BIR Locational Maps .
 Now once you got your attachments and the location of your RDO. Print the BIR Form 1901 and fill this out. You will also need the BIR Form 0605 ”Payment Form“.  Pay the Annual Registration Fee of P500.00.
 After settling this, ask the BIR personnel who accepted your application on when you can get your Certificate of Registration (COR - BIR Form 2303). Get also that persons number so you can follow it up. Please take note upon getting your COR you have 30 days to apply for an authorization to print your receipts. To avoid being penalized.
When you return to your RDO for that COR. Photocopy your COR for this is the required attachment so you can now apply for an Authority to print receipts using BIR Form 1906 Application for Authority to Print Receipts and Invoices” (Click the blue link to get a copy of form in advance). Do apply on the day you get your COR.

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