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How to Register as a Consultant

A query about registration as a Practicing Professional mainly as a CONSULTANT.

Hello. Thank you so much for this information - extremely helpful!
I’m a consultant for NGOs and I’d like to register with the BIR as a professional. Want to do everything legit. I’d like to know if the DTI Certificate of Business Name is required for practicing professionals. I had thought that this only applies to businesses, not to independent consultants like myself. Especially since I don’t plan on getting a business name anyway. All the accountants I spoke with said that the DTI permit is a requirement in addition to the BIR registration, but I’m thinking that my situation does not warrant this. Your thoughts on this would be highly appreciated!
Thanks again and keep up the great work.
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Hi Catkin, thank you for visiting this blog. I wanted to post it here as again I am having problems in posting in my other blog.

Your classified as a PROFESSIONAL as you are practicing a professional service which you derive some form of income thru your CONSULTING SERVICES.

The BIR form you will use is 1901.

If your profession is regulated by the PRC you will be required for a PROFESSIONAL TAX RECEIPT from your Local Government Unit (LGU) or from your local municipality where your business address is located. 

If your profession is not regulated by the PRC like consultants, writers, agents, artist, illustrators, or the like,  then you should get the Occupational Tax Receipt also with your local municipality.

Other documentary attachments for this application are Birth Certificate; Marriage Certificate (if applicable); Contract / Company Certification pertaining to the consulting services.

This details are contained in the BIR's Citizens Charter in page 6. Do check out the link. There are many other information that you may need there.

DTI Certificate will be required if business trade shall be used as indicated in the said charter.

Where to file this 1901 form? You need to file this with BIR Revenue District Office (RDO) who has jurisdiction over your business address. Your home can be your business address.  Your clients address is not your business address.

Hope this information will help you out. Thank you and good day.


  1. Excellent, thank you so much. Just curious: are you a CPA? I'm wondering if you provide tax preparation services and how much you would charge.

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  3. Great post. I will consider your tips upon entering the world of business consulting in the Philippines.


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